The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

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Monday, 23 February 2015

Math Moments

Q - When does 'math happen' in the wonderful world of kindergarten?
A - It happens all day long and everywhere you look!

Math happens when we put sticky paper on the felt board and offer shape tiles.

Math happens at the carpet when the children are invited to explore small block play.

Math happens at the light table when Magna-tiles become skyscrapers!
Math happens when a basket is pulled and a windmill is constructed to provide energy.
Math happens when links stretch across a room.
Math happens when frozen peas and toothpicks form geometric shapes and sculptures.

Math happens when glass beads follow a pattern.

Math happens when the children gather information.
Math happens when measuring taller or shorter.
Math happens as the children play...
...and we observe.
We name the math when we see it happening.
We talk of such things as patterns and prisms...
...and symmetry.
Math is natural and alive and everywhere and all day in a play-filled kindergarten!

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