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Thursday, 19 February 2015

A Work Of Art

I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn't say any other way 
- things I had no words for.
~ Georgia O'Keefe ~
 This is something Ms. Beaudry must know. 
She brought her smile and a project to inspire our kindergarten children and 
give voice to their imagination.
The children gathered materials throughout the room.
Coloured tissue paper was offered.
A collaborative collage began to emerge as the children sparked each others thinking.
"I know! Let's go get some beads!"
"Sometimes we just need a dab, but this time I need a puddle of glue. 
I'll make it a little puddle."
"We can use the clay and make a long line and make the line look like 
a necklace with the gold."
"Look Miss, a spiral!"
Once the children had finished their collage, the next step was to let it dry.
It dried for several days.
It needed to be good and dry for the next step.
Can you guess what the next step was?

It was time to cover the entire collage in paint!
Many types of brushes were used. Foam brushes and wide and narrow bristled brushes.
We used the colours of a sunset and blended the colours.
The children worked together, switching places, moving about the collage as they 
chose and blended colours.
Brushes gave way to fingers and hands. The children were very excited when 
they blended some colours and made the same colour as their skin.
"Miss! Look! Look! It's peach, just like me!"
"We're gonna need some brown to make darker skin."
Many children enjoyed soaking the cotton batting with paint and rubbing their hands 
over and over and over it. "Feel this!"
Some of the children just ran their fingers through the paint and followed imaginary lines, 
leaving tracks as they went along.
They say, 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.'
This stunningly beautiful masterpiece, the our room.
It reminds us of the beautiful voices, 
heard and unheard, 
our children surround us with each and every day.

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