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Friday, 17 January 2014

Following A Recipe To Create A Masterpiece

The art studio can sometimes become a great place for science to happen. Recipes in the kitchen aren't only for us to share at the snack table.

Willow brought in a recipe that she and her mother made at home.  She was excited to share this recipe and talk about the fun activity they had done. She even had a sample ready to go!
We shared the recipe with the children and encouraged them to help read the list of ingredients that were needed.

It was interesting to talk about the differences of the materials. When we talked about what might happen when the coloured water was added to the flour, Grace exclaimed, "It will turn into a liquid!"

The colours were vibrant! The children stirred and stirred and helped each other pour their 'puffy paint' into the container.

The puffy paint was added to the art studio after it was decided that we needed thicker paper for this type of paint.

The paint was thick and heavy and gritty. It didn't move around the paper the same way as water colour or tempra paint.
But why is it called 'puffy paint'?

The paintings took longer to dry than art using other types of paint.

As the pictures dried, they looked 'puffy'! They also 'sparkled' because of the salt. 

This was truly an art activity and a science activity all at the same time!

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