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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

When A Book Opens A Whole New World

It all started with a very cranky bear...
and a sheep that was... well... kind of plain.
Sheep may have been plain, not having stripes like Zebra, 
or antlers like Moose or a mane like Lion,
but sheep wanted to help like the other friends 
and knew just what to do to help Bear!

Ryan thought it would be a good idea to make a pillow, so off we headed to the dress shop.  We tried to use the plastic needles, but they wouldn't go through the fabric.  Mrs. Brent knew that we needed a proper needle and thread for such an important endeavor.

Cross-stitch needles and button hole thread were the perfect answer. The points on the needles weren't too pointy and the thread was nice and strong. With all the right materials, we set to work. The children chose, measured and cut their fabric and then 'threaded their needles' by 'putting the thread through the eye of the needle.'

They began to sew! We talked about different types of needles. The wool needle definitely did not work!  We talked about how strong the thread was. 

Some of the children said, "But I don't know how to sew."  "Is this okay?"  "It isn't working!"

Mrs Brent said, "Oh how I love mistakes! Mistakes are the best way to learn. It gives our brains a chance to learn two times. Now we know what doesn't work and we get to try again! The smartest people always make the best mistakes. Especially scientists!"

Before long we heard, "Hey look, I'm sewing!"  "I'm so good at sewing!"  "I'm sewing like I do with my Bubba."  "My Nanna sews, and knits!"
And they created as we talked of sewing, and bears, and doing something kind for others, and trying to make others feel better. And their world opened up... and they let us in. 

We heard of grandparents and parents and families. We heard of special pets.  "I'm making my pillow for my Granny.  She's sick. It's soft and cushy and it'll make her feel better. It feels good to do something nice for someone." Keira said.

"I'm making mine for my dog. Maybe he'll think it's a chew toy. Maybe I'll make it for my cat." 
"I'm making mine for me!"

  "I can't wait to bring my pillow home and have a nice sleep."  

"I can't wait to show my mommy... my Nanna... 
my Granny... Bubba!"  

"Let's show Mrs. Fairall and Ms. Piccinin!"

"I'm ready to make another one!"

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