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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Ice Ice A B!

It became crystal clear that, after the light table, the next stop for our colourful upper case letters was the freezer. After all, we wanted to keep in tune with our latest gift from Mother Nature! Cold, Colder, Coldest, Frozen Solid!!!

We set out squirt bottles, eye droppers and the letters... encased in ice. Some words were posted on the board and chenille sticks, pencils and paper were available. The letters had holes for stringing together.

Some of the letters spelled words.

There were containers that had frozen completely and others that had not. Water was trapped inside along with the letters.
One container had coloured water that slowly mixed in as the ice melted. 

Imprints were left in the ice where letters had been.

Some children broke letters out with their fingers and others squirted them out.

 "I'm getting all the D's. You get the B's!"

Abby worked at getting the letters out with an eye dropper. Other children searched the water for the letters they wanted to spell their names or one of the posted words… and some made words of their own.

Hmmm… Maybe Ireland is letting us know what we’ll be doing next!

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