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Monday, 13 January 2014

Water Colour Greetings - Mailbox Surprises

It is so wonderful when a child's piece of art work warms someone's heart or brightens someone's day.  Before Christmas, the children made water colour paintings to mail out to a special relative or friend.

This was a particularly joyful activity.  The children were excitedly creating their masterpieces while recalling wonderful memories of someone who has made an imprint on their heart.

We heard stories of Christmas mornings and special moments with family.  Children spoke of unique traditions. We included and envelope with the paintings so that these Water Colour Greetings could become a mailbox surprise for someone special.  

We hoped to receive a return letter from those that received one of the children's pieces.  Well, you can imagine our joy when the children began coming to school with the letters they received!  They have been coming from so many places and so many very special people!
 We have been sharing these wonderful letters with the friends.

A letter from Carson's grandmother with a photo of a snowman sparked an interest in the video called "The Snowman". So Mrs. Brent showed the friends the video on her laptop. The children loved the music.  

Since we've been talking about different ways to tell stories, it was very interesting to see how a story can be told without words.  The Snowman is tells a story with pictures and music.  The stage became a mini theater.

We can't wait to receive more letters. We are all so excited to hear of the ways our children's Water Colour Greetings touched the lives of those who received them. 

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Deb said...

I love this blog! Thanks for all of the great pictures!