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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Making Play Dough

Very often we go to the fridge and replenish the play dough with the dough that families have donated. Every once in a while though, the timing is just right for the children to make a fresh batch with some inventive touches.
They have wonderful ideas to help us make bright, vibrant colours.

The children are very used to being in the Suzuki kindergarten kitchen. We know the terrific opportunities the children have to learn so many things in the kitchen... but mostly, they have a natural love of mixing and making recipes.

Why stop at the bright colours?!  The best thing about the 
play dough that the children make is that 
it's not just a feast for the eyes.
It also smells great!  The children add potpourri and there is a fragrance that fills the air as they feel the roughness of the dried stems when they knead the dough.

A little glitter here...

Some sprinkles there...

And voila! Perfect play dough to excite the senses and the imagination!

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