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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Polar Bear Inquiry - Penguin Migration

 The wondering has continued...
and so has the learning.
Discussions began about the Arctic and the Antarctic. In the books about the Arctic, we noticed there were no penguins. We discovered that this is because there are no penguins in the Arctic. The Arctic is at the North Pole and penguins live in the South part of our world.
Now, another problem had arisen. 
The penguins needed to migrate.
But, where would they go?
As we talked about a new home for the penguins, it was no surprise that more questions emerged.
Evan wonders, "Is it colder in the Arctic or the Antarctic?"
Carson wonders, "Is there seaweed in the Arctic?"
It was decided that the bottom of the exhibit be cleared and the Antarctic would be created there.
It made perfect sense, "Because the Arctic is on top and the Antarctic is on the bottom."
More investigation about penguins is occurring. There are many different types of penguins.
A one metre tall Emperor Penguin is being created.
How many children will be taller than the Emperor Penguin?
How many children will be shorter?
The Exhibit is now moved into the hallway. We are sharing what we've come to know about polar bears, the Arctic, the Antarctic, penguins and the animals, habitat and sustainable life that exist in the very coldest places on our earth!

The children have set up many of their animals in family settings. 
Some of the animals have babies and some have eggs.
Which animals will be hatched from eggs?
"Do polar bears have eggs? Or do penguins have eggs?"
Well...there we go...inquiring again!

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