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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Water Play

The following blurb is displayed in our water centre.
Water Play
Have you ever heard the phrase ‘they are in their element’?
As one of the earth’s main elements, play with water offers one of the most basic forms of natural play. 

Many opportunities are offered to the children to openly explore the
properties of water. Offered in many ways…cold, warm, frozen, coloured, mixed…water is compelling, fascinating and fun!

Elemental water play:
Ø Soothes the senses as much as it excites them
Ø Offers opportunities for scientific investigation like mixing of colours, ice/salt, liquid/solid
Ø Connects the natural living world to the children’s experiences and knowledge
Ø Introduces new thinking into natural habitats
Ø Offers discussion about the earth and environmental responsibility
Ø Provides a hand’s on experience to concepts such as sink/float, melt, mix, dissolve
Ø Engages the body as children lift, pour and control
Ø Extends the language of math and science as children experience weight, volume, shallow, deep, measure, estimate, count, conserve
Ø Engages the mind as the children concentrate and problem-solve

Water play...elemental and essential!

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