The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A Giving Gallery

You may recall from our children last year that art was donated to 
The Windsor Regional Cancer Centre.

Last week, our teachers were able to visit the centre and reconnect with Ms. Brockenshire and Nurse Maggie. They were as excited as we were to share what the children's art has meant for the people visiting the centre and the staff that works there.


Nurse Maggie and Ms. Brockenshire posed in front of one of the works of art.
All of the art work was framed by Nancy Johns Gallery. 
Some pieces were mounted. 

Some pieces were matted and framed.

All of the pieces were honoured in a very special way
 and treated with great care.

Several pieces of art are grouped in each of the three treatment rooms.

There are four pieces of art in the newly named Dragonfly Room.
Nancy Johns decided these should be pinned.  
It looks like they are floating. 

Nurse Maggie and Ms. Brockenshire said that the patients like to look at the art so they can focus on something that makes them feel good when they are getting their
 medicine or procedures.

They also said that there is another room that has no art in it.
Can you guess what our children will be doing in the art studio?!