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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Investigating Rocks

Seeing something all the time sometimes makes you forget how cool it is. Such is the case with rocks!

 We set the simplest display in one of the sensory tables. There were rocks of all shapes, colours and sizes. Just a table of rocks. Except that... the very bottom of the table was a small amount of water. Just enough to line the bottom of the table and come up ever so slightly on the sides. Some paint brushes were set among the rocks.  
"Why are there paint brushes here?"
"What do you think you might do with them?"
"Hey look! It's all wet under there!"
"This is so cool!"
The children have kept this sensory bin busy for more than a week!  Alligators have come and gone. Snakes have come and gone. But the rocks have stayed.
And are still there, becoming dry and wet again and again.

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