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Monday, 19 May 2014

Shawn Writes the Morning Message

Shawn noticed that the morning message had not yet been written. Ever the self-starter, problem-solver and solution-finder, Shawn took matters into his own hands. He took it upon himself to take a big piece of paper from the paper roll and set himself to work.
He chose two colours of markers to fashion a pattern of yellow and purple for the sentences. This is how our regular morning message is written.
Words with missing letters were included. 
When a friend decided to bring playdough and start to play, Shawn was inspired to include playdough in his morning message in the form of an exclamation point, a circle around punctuation and a rainbow.

He was sure to include a math sentence to give a clue as to the name of the special friend the message was about.
Can you guess who the morning message is about on this clowde da? Shawn revealed the special friends name when he delivered the morning message to all the friends when we gathered at the carpet. 
Ho is it? Today's special friend is Alex! 
Shawn has inspired the class to have a sign up sheet for anyone wanting to write our morning message!
Way to lead the way Shawn! 

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