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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Measuring Worms

April showers bring May flowers. May showers bring WORMS!
The children squealed and busily set about gathering the worms that scattered the playground. A kindergarten playground, filled with fast feet, fast bikes, fast wagons and giant people is no safe place for a worm!
It was decided that the worms needed their own playground. The outside table was quickly transformed into a worm habitat, complete with a slide, tubes (like the children's own playground hollow log) and a bedroom on the opposite side to rest when the worms got too tired.
The children delighted in saving the worms, comparing them studying how they moved. Many thoughts and ideas started to emerge.
Do worms have faces? Do they have mouths? How do they eat? Which side is their face?
Why do they get long and then short?
Many of the worms were gathered and brought inside to measure. The children were so excited!

Some of the worms were very long, some were 'fat' and some were 'skine'.

We just love how Mother Nature gives us everything we need to learn!

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