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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Our chicks have a new home

The time had to come sooner or later, that our chicks would outgrow the wonderful world of kindergarten.  It was a sure sign that the time had come when they were trying to fly out of their refrigerator box home!!!  Mr. Bergen had been generous in giving us these eggs to hatch, and knew we would take good care of the chicks until it was time for them to return to their own habitat... Mr. Bergen's farm.

It was interesting to talk about Mr. Bergen's farm. The children heard words like 'county', 'country' and 'rural'. We talked about the large cylinder shaped building with a cone shaped roof, called a silo and how it is used to store grain. We talked about the barns and the fields and how a farmer uses them.  
Then we talked about our chick's new home in their chicken coop.

Our chicks were a bigger than some of their brothers and sisters. Momma Hen and Daddy Rooster were happy to see their chicks come home!

We can't wait to see them again! Mr. Bergen will bring our chicks to visit us when they are as big as their Mom and Dad! Hmmm.... wonder if we'll recognize them?!

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