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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Creating a dream catcher

The children decided that a campfire was in order. They gathered the logs in the wagon, and set up a perfect spot under the tree. Many children joined the campfire, climbing and hopping among the logs. 
But, as you know...
no campfire is complete without a good scary story!
Some of the boys and girls took turns telling a scary story.
Then, Mrs. Brent had her turn!
It seems that there were some ghosts that were up to some shenanigans when the children weren't at school.
Blocks in the art studio...
Easels in the hallway...
Paint on the walls!!!
We decided that they just wanted to have fun and needed their own playground.
That's how the dream catcher began.
It was a perfect playground to capture the joyful spirit of the wonderful world of kindergarten!
The boys and girls twirled the colourful yarn around and around the trees.

They found sticks to wrap the yarn around and make their own dream catchers to take home.

The dream catcher playground grew and grew. 
The children connected the yarn around trees and fences...
and each other!

A rainbow stick took a very long time to create. Everyone loved it!

Children helped each other. Ideas and materials were shared.

Sticks for the playground were added for fun places to play and ladders to climb into the play

This marvelous playground was a perfect spot to create together, spread joy and fun.
And share some wonderful ghost spaghetti!

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