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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Fantastic Fun, Friends, Family & Field Trip

A perfect sunny day set the background for our amazing field trip! The children are still abuzz with stories of the animals, the park, the splash pad and the time they spent with each other and the families who joined us!  A great big shout out to Mrs. St. Onge who has organized all of our field trips this year and outdid herself on this one.  She even ensured that the crispy rice treats included some that were gluten free!

The children had many questions about animals they knew and animals they didn't know.  We discussed animal families and habitats. We talked about different regions of the world. We compared the sizes of bird eggs and the sizes of birds. We talked about turtles and tortoises and how they were the same and different. We examined the fresh vegetables and plants some of the animals were eating. The children saw real animals that they had only seen representations of in pictures or on television. They now have a point of reference for what they had imagined. There is so much to be gained by these type of interactions and exposure to diverse living things. 

The children also had a wonderful opportunity to socialize with their peers in large and small groups. They had to negotiate where they went first or next. Seeing the many families that were gathered, the children could see each other in their differing families with varying heritage. 

Many of the moments spent engaged with the children, families and educators during a field trip such as this are moments that offer our children windows to a broader world than they have known. Their natural ability to wonder, imagine and consider give a deeper meaning to the learning and joyful purpose that connects us!

The joy is easily seen! Enjoy the the learning!

We would like to extend a special Thank You to all the families that joined us. We couldn't have done it without you!

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