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Sunday, 15 June 2014

How Our Children Love To Be Outdoors

The amazing Spring days are finding us spending so much of our time in our outdoor centres.

The fresh air, open space and dapples of sun and shade are just the thing to waken all the senses.

So much room for building neighbouring towns.

Becoming rooted in nature means a belief in all that can be.
A weed becomes valued as the bouquet it always wanted to be.

Blocks and chalk,
becoming math moments!

Big bodies are capable of big movement in big open spaces!

~This seems clear enough: When truly present in nature, we do use all our senses at the same time, 
which is the optimum state of learning.~

The Spring sings it's song to the young, and the young answer back with a rhythmic, "We are here!"

The freedom of following ideas means the outdoor easel is a perfect place to draw a map.
X marks the spot.

Sand table lids become transparent canvases.

Art in a room without walls.

Collaboration and Inspiration!

The wonder of a mud kitchen.
Tasty cakes and soups and a perfect cup of coffee.
Oh the aroma!
Gathering, climbing, observing, discovering, experimenting, 

How our children love to be outdoors!

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