The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sewing with Gelsea

The dress shop has been alive this year with designs and designers. 
This was the day they would get a chance to put a real sewing machine to work.
Tape and glue has fastened many a belt, accessory, dress, shirt. Needles and thread took things even further. 
And now it was time for some serious sewing. 
Seamstress worthy sewing. 
And a very worthy seamstress visited the wonderful world of kindergarten.

The children readied their projects. Planning, choosing, cutting, deciding...
Then they headed over direct the seamstress and her able hands, while the children worked the foot peddle.

Willow takes her fabric up a notch!

Ricky puts on the finishing touches to the long-sleeve version of his Spiderman wear.

A popular activity resulted in a sign up sheet! Only one Gelsea and sooooo many excited designers.

Malik is ready for adventure with his Indiana Jones shirt-jacket!
So much material, so many ideas.
Oh the possibilities!

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