The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

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Monday, 2 June 2014

When Nature Is Your Canvas

We're not sure what inspired Mrs. Pizzuto. Was it the beauty of our surroundings, the interest of the rocks that we have been talking about... the ever-inspirational capabilities of our amazing children?

When she suggested using nature as our canvas...we were about to have our world rocked with the outstanding creativity shown by the children in the wonderful world of kindergarten!

Click on the links to hear the children tell us the story of their creations.

Many of the boys and girls were eager to begin painting. Some started with an idea in mind. Others, simply began to paint rocks and ideas followed.

Shaianne and Paige began to add more than just paint to their canvas. They talked to each other as they collaborated. They chose flowers, pieces of leaves and other parts of plants to adorn their work. We gathered the boys and girls together and talked about the details and thinking that the girls were investing into their creation. The children were inspired! Some joined in with them. Others went back to their own canvases with more ideas. Some returned to their work and carried on.

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