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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A Gift for a Child in Costa Rica

We want to make some children that are very far away in Costa Rica jump for joy!
Gelsea Pizzuto is going to spend time with children in Costa Rica this summer and our children are busy making them very special gifts from the wonderful world of kindergarten.
We mixed a batch of our handy dandy salt dough clay and set out some coloured 
glass beads and cookie cutters.
We talked about the children that Miss Pizzuto would be visiting. 
There are many children in Costa Rica who don't have the types of things that we have. Our children were very eager to make beautiful gifts for them.
They rolled and pressed and cut, taking great care to make their gifts just right.
Some children placed the beads carefully and made designs.
Some children rolled the beads right into the dough.
Once the children had finished their design, a hole was made using a pencil tip.
Can you guess why?
The children's gifts are finished and drying and waiting for a ribbon to string through the hole.
Each gift...unique and beautiful
...just like the children that are receiving them
...just like the children that made them.

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