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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Planting Our Seeds

We took great care to plant seeds in the Spring.
We also planted shoots.
Some seeds were planted in pots and some were planted in the sensory bin. The soil had been prepared with the compost from the decomposing pumpkin.
We experimented and observed how things grew from seeds and bulbs and shoots.
The children take care to make signs for the different types of seeds 
that have been planted.
They care for the plants and add worm juice from our famous worm hotel.
It really is just a worm composter and the plants love the juice!
Miss Garrett helped the children with an experiment and another way to grow seeds.

We are going to have a bumper crop of beans on our roof top garden!

We are taking good care of the plants and watching them grow and grow.
When they are big enough, we can plant them in our rooftop garden.

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