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Friday, 12 June 2015

Children As Documenters

The children have been showing such an interest in documentation.
They want to document their work.
They want to document other children's work.
They want to document moments throughout their day. 
 "Miss, I need the iPad so I can document."
They work together. Using the PicCollage app, the children take pictures and add text.
They work on their own. 
They see a moment they want to capture and then record their thoughts.
The SK's help the JK's to learn about documenting.
"Miss, can we print my documentation for my binder?" 
We talk about words and spaces and sentences.
And of course, we talk about the 'what' and the 'why' of the child's documentation.
They use their documentation at sharing time, to show others.
They show us what they see.
 They show us what they do, what they know and how they feel.
They ask us to help type their words...
...but then they want to type them all by themselves.

We know that documentation is at the heart of the learning process.
The children communicate what they learn when they document themselves.
Children as documenters....extraordinary!

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