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Monday, 8 June 2015

The Beauty of a Log

This creative art piece was inspired by Mason, Logan, Brayden and Jackson. 
The boys were taking keys from our loose parts box 
and carving designs into our tree cookies.
This inspired wood carving on a bigger scale.
We put a beautiful piece of drift wood from Mrs. Pizzuto's back yard in the art studio. We let the children decide what they would do with it. All the materials were open of course. The children used many different materials from nails to hammers and even screwdrivers to carve their designs into the wood. 
The children were creating many different designs with so much detail.
The children used language such as, "When I push really hard, my carving looks more deeper into the wood." As well as, "When I push light I can barely see it."
The children inspired each other and worked together collaboratively 
to create this masterpiece.
After the children were done carving their designs they thought they would jazz it up a bit more 
by painting their carvings.

The children decided that the best home for their new masterpiece would be in our rooftop garden. The children then painted on the wood Kinder-Garden.

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