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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

More Gifts for the Children in Costa Rica!

Our children really listened to Miss Pizzuto when she talked to them 
about the children in Costa Rica.
She will be visiting them this summer to teach and learn.
They don't have toys like our children do.
Could there really be a child without a stuffy?! 
Our children would make sure every child in the world had a special stuffy...
but for now they are beginning with the children in Costa Rica.
Bright and colourful fabric markers were set out. Fabric was cut into different sizes. 
The children set right to work to make stuffies that are sure to be special to every child.
"I know...I'm going to make a giraffe!"
One idea inspired another...
and so on...
and so on!!!
The children determined that the stuffies should be very colourful and very happy!
They are so excited to know that their work will put a smile on another child's face 
and joy in their heart!
The next thing to do was to cut two pieces of fabric. There were two steps to do.
Step 1: Cut around the drawing to make the front of the stuffy.
Step 2: Cut another piece of fabric the same shape to become the back of the stuffy.

After that, the two pieces could be sewn together...most of the way.
Can you guess why?
Two wonderful retired teachers came to help.
Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. Gundy were the perfect ladies for the job. 
They understand childhood excitement and how to help the children know what 
needs to be done step by step.

Great team work Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. Gundy! 
One by one, the children came to have their stuffies sewn, then visit the stuffing station, then sewn closed. Did you guess that is why the front and back were only sewn together most of the way? There has to be a place to put the stuffing in.
Then the final step is sewing the front and back together all the way.
For several days, this was one busy centre!


Wow! The whirr of the sewing machine has filled the room
for Miss Pizzuto to be able to fill her suitcase with stuffies!
Way to go! The children in Costa Rica will be so happy!
From our hearts to yours...

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