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Friday, 22 January 2016

A Growing Interest

Nancie knows that growing vegetables and seeds isn't just something that happens during Springtime in the wonderful world of kindergarten. When she wanted to grow a vegetable garden, we knew just how to make that happen.

Beginning with potatoes that had eyes and onions that had sprouts, a garden centre has started.

Nancie and Harlow worked together to put in the right amount of soil and set the vegetables in with 
just the right amount of dirt on top.

They instructed other friends who came to visit the garden centre.

The pots were filled with vegetables, but the seed packets had not been planted.
How could they grow the seeds?
Nancie thought they could plant the seeds in the same pot as the tree.
The children looked at the seed packets and discussed what they needed to do.

The seeds needed to have just a small amount of dirt sprinkled over top.

Now they had to figure out what seeds were planted where! How would they know what the plants were when they begin to sprout?
The answer...labels needed to be made.


Then the labels were set where the seeds had been planted.

"Come and see our garden! We have carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and parsley!"
"Look at all the tiny sprouts!"

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