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Monday, 11 January 2016

Writing Happens Everywhere

In the wonderful world of kindergarten writing happens all day, everywhere. 
We know this way is best for children to make meaningful connections to the message they want to share with others.
We know that this is the best way for the children to learn letters and the sounds they make.
We know the importance of children inventing their spelling to develop literacy and confidence skills.
We know it's all about the play and freedom to come to their knowledge when it is relevant and purposeful.

Having print tools and materials available everywhere gives children the opportunity to show others what they know. 
They share ideas, inspiration and skills.
Drawing gives the children a chance to move their fingers and wrists and handle print tools.
This will help them learn how to make curved and straight letters.


Making plans before they build gives children the chance to think about the message they want to share before they share it.


Before we know it, they are prepared to print messages, labels and write stories about their creations.



From outdoor sketching to...


Indoor surveys...




From the Sharing Board to...

Sentence strips for sharing time...

From Message of the Day to...

Junior authors...


In the wonderful world of kindergarten...

Writing happens where it matters most.

Not just at the writing centre.

Writing happens everywhere!

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