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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Harlow Has an Idea

If your actions inspire others to dram more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
~ John Quincy Adams ~

Inspired by her big sister, Harlow excitedly shared a project she had made. She showed her friends.
Using sticks, marshmallows, a plastic spoon and an elastic, Harlow had an idea to run her own centre.
She showed them how to make a catapult.
Harlow sprang into action and fun popped up everywhere!

After a quick demonstration of how the catapult worked, friends were ready to build their own.
Harlow showed the children step by step, and lent a helping hand when needed.
Then it was time to test them out. Small styrofoam balls were set in the spoons and
whose would go higher? farther?
Friends visited the very popular centre all morning long.
Taking their time. Following the steps. Trial and error. Friends helping friends.
Harlow's friends were able to count on her to help just enough. 
She was very patient and explained things as they went along.
"Don't worry. Try again."
"It's okay. We can try again tomorrow."
Perseverence and patience and accomplishment.

Building, testing, building, testing, 
one by one, the friends that Harlow had helped set their catapults up for a trial run.


The children were excited to talk about what they were doing and couldn't wait to show their families.

So much excitement!

So much learning!


Donovan made two catapults. One of them, at Harlow's centre.
The other, he thought about using different materials.
Would they work the same?

Thank you, Harlow!

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Melissa Webb said...

Awesome! Glad it went well. Looks like everyone had fun and learned something at the same time!