The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

Welcome to our Reggio Emilia inspired classroom at Dr. David Suzuki School.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Math Is Everywhere

Math is mixing and making numbers.
Math is in the kitchen.


Math is measuring.
Math is everywhere.

Math is filling and pouring and emptying.
Math is at the sand table.

Math is considering spaces and parts and fitting within or together.
Math is at the light table.

Math is creating with tiles and 3-D shapes.
Math is building.
Math is everywhere.


 Math is tubes that become tall towers.
Math is at the block centre.

Math is in the talking and the collaborating and the team building.
Math language is everywhere.

Math is in newly created worlds.
Math is building with blocks.

Math is in a new interest. Math is repeating over and over again.
Math is in knitting rings.

Math is seeing beyond a cardboard box.
Math is in the open art studio.

Math is taking a survey and gathering information.
Math is curiosity.

Math is fitting together small pieces.
Math is in construction sets.


Math is using something fun to make numbers.
Math is everywhere.


Math is in baskets filled with surprises.
Math is everywhere.

Math is in the freedom to experience and wonder and play.

Math is everywhere!

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