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Friday, 22 January 2016

Clay in Kindergarten

"I like the clay. It's so creative to me."
~ Zen Buduhan~

It is no mystery, if you know anything about us in the wonderful world of kindergarten, that clay and plasticine is a 
beloved art medium in our art studio.
We know the value of this medium as teachers.
The children feel the value of this medium as artists and creators.

Often, the children simply pull the basket of plasticine out and begin to sculpt or create pictures.
Occasionally, the teachers set out an activity and talk about new things to consider when working with clay.
Barbara Reid's books always give us so much to consider when we work with clay and
her 'Twas The Night Before Christmas was a new book on our shelf that gave us great inspiration!
We read the story and talked about the pictures.

What the children created next was no surprise to us at all!

They considered recreating pictures from the story and wanted to see details on some of the pages.

The more the children created...the more other children became inspired to create!

Zen considered different ideas. After talking about one of the scenes in the book and how it looked as though some things were closer and others were further away, we discussed perspective and layering.
Zen thought layering was just the right technique to give her the effect she wanted.

Another day the teacher thought a still life might provide inspiration to some children who love to sculpt with clay. Some of the children are often found creating creatures and habitats for them to live in. 
What could they learn if they considered details and techniques to make texture when they were sculpting?

Spreading, pinching, carving, pushing, modeling...

Small fingers getting stronger, young minds knowing more...
...spatial awareness

Clay and plasticine in much more than just self-led play!

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