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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Rainy Nature Walk

Rain, rain,
Don't go away.
You do not stop us,
From our play.
We love your puddles,
And the way you drop.
 Oh rain, rain,
No need to stop.
 You give us puddles and mud,
That call our names.
They are perfect for,
Our childhood games.
We squish and slip,
And find a spot,
To test our boots,
From toe to top. 

We close our eyes,
And here your song.
You are there,
Where we belong.

Always outside,
You wait for us.
Where dirt is okay,
No demand for 'hush'.

 Squish, splash, squoosh,
Boots get stuck,
At the bottom of,
Such glorious muck.
Oh rain, rain,
You make us smile.

Your wet is fun!
Stay a while.

Rain, rain,
Don't go away.
All the children,
Love your play!

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