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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Junior Chefs Get A Visitor

One of the best parts of being in the wonderful world of kindergarten is having our program open to family volunteers. 
They bring their talents.
They bring their energy.
They bring a sense of home.
 This day, Harlow's mom came in to bake with our junior chefs two of Harlow's favourites...
Snickerdoodles and Zucchini Bread!

Dry ingredients like flour, sugar and baking powder get measured and mixed.

For Snickerdoodles, just the right amount of cinnamon needs to be added.
It smells soooooo good!
Everybody gets a turn at adding something. 
Butter makes the cookies creamy.

Wet ingredients are mixed in a separate bowl.
Eggs are added to melted butter.

After a little stirring, the wet ingredients and dry ingredients are mixed together.


Sometimes, the ingredients are mixed with a spoon,
sometimes they are mixed with a simple machine like a hand mixer or egg beater.
This time, they were mixed with a machine that has a motor.
An electric mixer did the job!

Mrs. Webb helps all the children as she shows the right amount and the right technique for making 
a perfect Snickerdoodle cookie!

Roll the batter into a ball.
It's fun to feel the stickiness of the dough on your fingers.
Put the rolled batter onto a baking sheet. 
How does the dough start off in the shape of a ball
and end up in the shape of a cookie?
Some of the children recall the shape of a cookie and press each of the balls of batter just a little.
The trays are put into the hot oven and the timer is set...then...
Warm Snickerdoodle cookies...just like mommy makes!
But that wasn't all!
While those Snickerdoodle's were cooking, 
Mrs. Webb had another surprise.

 Again, the dry ingredients and wet ingredients were measured and mixed together.


This time, the special ingredient was a vegetable. 
A great big zucchini was cut and prepared.
What could we do with the seeds and the scooped out insides?
Another machine was used to help prepare the zucchini for Zucchini Bread.
It needed to be shredded.
The perfect machine for shredding vegetables like zucchini is a food processor.  
The shredded zucchini is added to the batter and....
the batter is divided into two loaf pans which have been buttered to prevent sticking.
The Snickerdoodle's were cooling and the oven was ready for the Zucchini Bread to bake.
A most fantastic smell filled the air!
The most fantastic treats awaited us all at lunchtime!

But mostly...the greatest feeling was shared in the wonderful world of kindergarten.
Our kindergarten home is home to family and friends alike.

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