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Monday, 20 October 2014

Creating Our Number Wall

Each year the children create a new number wall. This wall has the numbers 1 - 10 with a corresponding number of natural materials

The first fun part is making the salt dough that will be used to form the numbers.
Add the salt, add the flour, add the water...mix!


Some children formed the numbers that they knew...
Some children decided to use the number cards to get the numbers just the right size and shape.

Once the numbers were finished, they were placed on a cookie sheet and set into the oven.
And...while they were hardening, the children went on a Numbers in Nature walk.
3 fuzzy, soft, seeded dandelions
5 golden, yellow dandelion flowers
Nicely sized big leaves...1...2...3...4...
2 purple clover flowers
3 maple leaves showcasing their Autumn outfits
A branch filled with dried seed heads...more than 10!

4 red berry bush leaves and 4 red berries...8 in all

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