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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Experimenting With Paint

Experimentation is something that we do very well with in the wonderful world of kindergarten.
When we experiment with the art materials, the children discover new ways to interact with them.

Paint doesn't only need to be spread and mixed with a brush.
Small squeeze bottles were offered with the paint. When pressed very softly, the air was not strong enough to push the thick paint. When pressed strong and quickly, the air from the squeeze bottles pushed the paint on the paper.

Some of the children used the spoons to push the paint on the paper, then used the squeeze bottles.

Some of the children pushed the bottles right into the paint and then watched small bubbles of paint pop as they pushed the air from the squeeze bottles.

Addison decided that the eye droppers might work better. They also push air out when they are squeezed.

Colours mixed together to become new colours.
Many of the children smeared colours together with the backs of the spoons, their fingers and the tips of the squeeze bottles and eye droppers.

It was very interesting to see what colours were revealed underneath other colours.

Donovan tried to squeeze paint into the droppers and push it out onto their paper.

Experimenting with paint is always fun...
and gives us all fresh ideas!

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