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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Shining a Light on Investigation

There is something about placing something on the light table that sparks the children's creativity and wonder.
Corn becomes more golden, stems take on an airy presence,
the veins of a leaf become pronounced, a sunflower head resembles the sun.

Coloured lenses give a new perspective.

A clear container of water on the light table gives the children a chance to see reflection in a whole new light! Watching a frog swim. Seeing a leaf through the magnification of water. What happens to a stick when it is put in water and the light comes from the bottom?

Curiouser and curiouser...
Something is inside here. You can see it with the light.
Let's find out what it could be.

Simple pieces of old jewellery, chains of silver and gold, become an invitation to see movement. Chains run across, around, slink into circles and curvy lines.

Can a chain get a knot? How do links work? Can all the chains link together?
What is a clasp?

See-through shapes are moved into suns and rocket ships.

What a wonderful place to encourage the hard work of threading! These young writers are developing their fine motor control and it really shows when they print their names.

Our SK's are showing us patterns of colours and shapes.

3D structures tall and wide become illuminated at the light table.

Mushing up some marshmallows and watching the sticky pull between your thumb and forefinger is quite magical and fun when the light shines through!

The children challenge each other to build such interesting structures.

We wait with anticipation for the questions and insight the children offer.
Shining a light on play.
Shining a light on learning.
Shining a light on the ever-so-capable child!

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