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Monday, 20 October 2014

The House That Lego Built

The most recent addition to the Lego center is the play house.
This has given the children a common purpose in the Lego area.

Addison decided the house needed a landscape and garden.

Furniture was built and a pool was installed.


The children began to fill the house with many of the things they see in their own homes.
A staircase was added so Lego people could go up and down to the different levels.

Occasionally, children would go by and become inspired to add to the Lego house in one way or another.

People, vehicles, refrigerators, stoves, beds, lawnmowers, cars, vans, trucks...
This table and chairs are ready for a Thanksgiving feast!
When company comes, we always get out the extra chairs of every size.

Logan decided to help tile the roof.

A hot tub was added to the pool.

Danica continues tiling the roof. What a colourful roof!

Isaac and Jun became very involved in designing the Lego House
while Alex, Danica and Rose designed a house plan.

Jun and Isaac were very excited. They had been trying to repair the stairs and discovered that, when put together another way, the staircases turned into bats!
They have come to make many bats, along with their friend Ryan.
They are labeling their bats so that they can be displayed.
They have decided that some bats are sleeping so they must hang upside down. Other bats are flying.
The bats will be receiving names and labels and Jun and Isaac have gone to our bat book called
Bats for Kids by Kathryn Lundberg.

The children's teamwork continues as a bat interest emerges.
We are always amazed at where the children's learning takes us!


We've decided to write a letter to the people who make Lego. 
Maybe they'll remember us from last year!

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Loretta said...

Your "Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" posting was beautiful. What a wonderful feeling to know that so many kids are having such experiences!