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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Camping at Suzuki

Before the weather turned too cold, Mrs. St. Onge set up camp.
After they worked out how the tent needed to be put together,
story-telling, smores, nature walks...even mountain climbing filled the children's day!

Group after group of children camped in the tent and
sat around the campfire.
A campfire is a perfect place to eat smores and tell jokes.
Quiet moments, story-telling and story-reading and comfy cushions.

 The children gathered sticks for the campfire and sticks for their marshmallows.

What is a camping trip without insects?
Lara discovered a very unique beetle.

Our nature walk had us 'hiking up to the North Mountain'
with Mia as our lead.
Camping season may have ended as the season's change,
but camping stories go on and on.

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