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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Karen Hall and the St. Clair College Design Team Come To Kindergarten

We met the design team. There were teachers and students...just like in kindergarten.
But they were still learning even though they are grown up.
We let the children know that learning never has to stop.  
We also met Karen Hall. She is a newspaper reporter. The link to her article is below.
We began the morning with simple projects that were designed to introduce the children to become familiar with the use of needle, thread, design materials and the considerations that are made when creating fashion.
Karen and Abigail enjoy a discussion about Abigail's fashion statement.
Tracing and cutting small pieces takes practice, patience and time.
Threading a needle takes co-ordination and dexterity.
Teachers lend a helping hand and support the children.
St. Clair College reporter interviews the children about their designs.
Abigail and Danica showcase their designs and show fashion design student Luna.
Evan has a different idea. He is inspired by the leopard print to create a leopard 'stuffy'.
He needs to make a pattern to cut out the leopard shape and uses a tiger as a model.
Carson and Evan begin to sew fabric together. Carson chooses to do free form sewing.

Leah showcases the skirt she has hand-stitched. 
She is becoming an accomplished seamstress!
Karen advises Miya as she works on her self-made pillow.

The children have been inspired to create...
each in their own way.
Knotting the thread is still a bit tricky for the children. 
They ask for a knot so their work won't unravel.
The joy of learning is felt by everyone!

Evan begins to cut the stencil he has made for his pattern. 
He'll trace the stencil onto the leopard print.
He'll need to make two pieces for a front and a back.

So many activities and interests to suit every learner. 
Measuring, design, drawing, cutting, imagination, collaboration, patience, counting, dexterity, scissor skills, trial and error, discussion...
Learning is fabulous and fashionable!

Click on the link to see the full page article that Karen Hall wrote about her fashionable experience in the wonderful world of kindergarten! 
Suzuki and St. Clair - Two Sets of Design Students Show What They're Made Of

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