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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Creative Process

We've said it before and we'll say it again,
...we LOVE our open art studio!

White paint, small paint brushes and black paper was set out in the morning. But, as the children know...that's just the beginning. They had some ideas of there own. 
Before long, sparkly glitter appeared. 
And one thing led to another....

Trays were brought out to capture the excess glitter. Everything moved to the floor where there was so much more space. The next thing we knew, the children had taken out the bottles of coloured sand.
A whole new medium was created!
Glitter and coloured sand was added to the white paint and mixed and stirred.
When asked about how the paint would be used in their pictures, Laila let us know that there was more mixing to do. The process of creating the new medium became the interest at the art studio.
The new paint is now available at the art easels...
ready and waiting for our creative children.

You might recognize this picture from the recent blog post about literacy. 
But it deserves a repeat here.
Both of these activities were happening at the same time. Alivia decided to make 'ever so tiny' pictures and cut them out. 
A new object was created that the children hadn't made before. 
The mobile was a wonderfully creative way to display the tiny pictures. 

The moral of the story is...
we LOVE our open art studio and the creative process that it supports!

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