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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Snowman On A Sled

Some classrooms have had magical elf creatures visit them.
Not us.
One day, some of the children noticed a snowman on a sled. 
Where did he come from?
What was he up to?
What was going on when the children and teachers went home?!!!
It seemed as though the snowman wanted a friend when he drew a picture of a girl snowman.
Another day, the children found the snowman surrounded by marshmallows and small blocks set up for play.
It was even more intriguing when some of the other snowman toys in the room were sharing the marshmallows with him!
"Shenanigans!" Mrs. Brent announced. "These snowmen are up to shenanigans when we are gone!"
Sometimes, the snowman on the sled and his friends were up to shenanigans...and other times, they enjoyed one of their favourite stories. They seemed to happily be reading Snowmen At Night . 
Can you guess why it was one of  their favourite stories?
How funny it was to see the party that the snowmen seemed to have had!
Food from the cupboard and fridge was on the table.
 Even the fish food was there!
Did they try to feed the fish...or eat the fish food?
What shenanigans these snowmen had been up to!
One morning, the children saw that the snowman on the sled had led his friends over to the collection that had gathered for the food drive. 
Was he teaching his friends about sorting? Heavy and light? 
Cylinders and rectangular prisms? Counting? 
The video camera had been used...but the pictures had disappeared.
Awfully clever of those snowmen friends.
Well, you can imagine the laughter when the children discovered that the snowman on the sled had tried to count the objects in the guessing jar
"That's what he gets for trying to count when he should be estimating!", someone exclaimed.
The snowman on the sled had fallen right into the guessing jar 
and had gotten stuck!
 His snowman friends couldn't resist the opportunity to take a picture.
Even though the snowmen tried to disguise themselves,
we knew who they were...and where they had been.
The snowman on the sled really liked to drop in to different places in the wonderful world of kindergarten! We were hoping that there were some cookies in the oven. 
Maybe the snowmen had good intentions of making cookies.
But the snowman on the sled got stuck on the recipe...
or rather, in the recipe!
And what better to go with cookies than a lovely cup of hot chocolate!
The snowmen had left plenty of evidence to let us know who made the chocolate powder mess.

Footprints and outlines and powdery shoes...
Can you guess which snowman had the idea of making hot chocolate?
Oh that snowman on the sled...always dropping in!
This time, he dropped in on Sparkles.
And Sparkles gave him a proper Sparkles kind of greeting!
And then Sparkles did some investigating of her own.
What do you think Sparkles thought of her visitors?
One day, the children came to school and saw that the snowman on the sled had a swinging great time.
Did his snowman friends help to make that swing?
How could they make a swing like that?
His snowman friends were waiting patiently for a turn.
It was fun to record the many adventures of the snowman on the sled.
And the shenanigans that he and his friends had been up to.
It was very clear that the children were excited to see the fun that the snowman on the sled and his friends had in the wonderful world of kindergarten.

One thing we know for sure...

They had as much fun playing and learning in the wonderful world of kindergarten that we do...
and maybe enjoy a few shenanigans too!

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