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Thursday, 20 November 2014

A Lesson in Shaving Cream Fun!

It was really all about the fun that happens when shaving cream and children are put together...
to explore and create.

It was not about having a fine motor activity.
 It had nothing to do with creating sets of prints.
 It was not our intention to let the children explore a new way to create art.
We had no reason to believe the children would use the mirrored surface to ponder same or opposite or reflection.
We had no idea that the children might discover that this material could be sticky.
We couldn't have guessed that the children might be smiling back at themselves when mirror was revealed.
We didn't imagine that the children would use natural materials to create lines and draw shapes.
We didn't envision children dragging their fingers through the shaving cream to make pictures.
We didn't consider that the children might discover that they could scrape away the shaving cream in wide strokes.
We hadn't guessed that some of the children would just love the texture and feeling of moving their fingers through the shaving cream.
We didn't take into consideration that shaving cream hand prints say...
 "I am me!"
We didn't think we'd notice the joy children felt...
...when they could just be messy and play.
We hadn't imagined that a child might create a self-portrait.
Nor, had we considered that some children might collaborate...
...and create a drawing together.
We didn't wonder what the children might do after they were done smearing...
...and drawing and stamping and smearing again and again.
We wouldn`t have thought that some children might print their names.
We did not think that some children would simply smooth their hands through the shaving cream and consider the lines and patterns they were making.
 We didn`t believe that this might be a new feeling for any of the children.
 We hadn`t thought that any of the children would gather natural materials and experiment with them.
And in no way whatsoever did we think that the children would do any other...
...than just have fun with shaving cream and a mirrored surface!

That`s our story and we`re sticking to it!

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