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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Making of a Puppet Play

With some direction to a purposeful use of their creative skills, some friends were invited to develop a puppet play. With a goal in mind, the girls began their story.
They presented a haunted Halloween story, complete with set design and costumes!
The puppets were brought to the art studio and costumes were designed for each of the characters.
The costumes were decorated with the parts that the character had in the story the children were creating.

The story developed as the children worked on the costumes. Chatter was lively as the story took shape.

 The story took many directions. Each of the children added to the story in a different way as they created the costumes their characters were wearing.

 More children came to the art studio and brought puppets to create costumes for.

Collaboration continued throughout the morning. 

Now, many stories were developing.

When it was time for the puppet show, the children told the stories of their own characters part.
The 'Haunted Halloween Puppet Show' was confusing to listen too!

We had a wonderful discussion about puppet shows and stories.
Stories have a setting, characters and a beginning, middle and end.
The 'Haunted Halloween Puppet Show' had a setting. It was a house.
There were characters.
What was the story?
The teachers helped the children to tell their story with words like,
"How does your story begin?"
"Then what happened?"
"What did they do next?"
"How does your story end?"
And the children all sang...
"And that's the end of the story! And that's the end of the story!"

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