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Friday, 28 November 2014

A Transparent Experience

We offer many materials at the light table. 
The children's ideas always shine through!
What might they do when we offered transparencies and 
thin, black markers?
As always, the children excited us with their ideas.

Isaac took so much time in creating his picture. 
He drew the lines with slow precision.
He had a definite idea of the story his picture would tell.
Luke was inspired to shine the light on all the numbers he knows. 
This inspired Addison to do the same.
Luke was quite pleased with his work! "All the numbers up to 30 and not even one backwards number!"
Harlow decided to stop by the light table and just doodle.
Lewam loves to draw pictures. It was a new experience for her to draw at the light table with only a black marker.
Donovan has practiced his name all year. He was sure to include hair in his picture so he 'wouldn't be bald.'
Kaiden is beginning to make shapes as he draws. Heads and legs and arms are connecting. He is finding a comfortable way to hold his marker and pencil when he is printing and drawing.

Aaiden's people have bodies and emotions!
When children work in the same space, they inspire each other with ideas...
...and abilities.
Many children are drawn to this activity.
  A simple black marker and light. 
Holding their transparencies, they see their work in a different way.
What makes them so intrigued to draw and create in this way?
 Isaac finishes his picture and is ready to share his story. 
"This is the happy alien. See, he is smiling. His hand is in his pocket.
The other guy is a bad guy. He's mean. Those are all his teeth. He has a pirate eye. It's a skeleton patch.
The bad guy has to jump over the candle of fire. It's like a rocket.
That's the dog. He's wearing the hat."

It's transparent to us that this will be a regular activity at the light table!

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