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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Pumpkin Math

While our light table was being prepared by many friends who took turns writing numbers 1 to 100.
They made a 100 Grid chart right on the light table!
Danica's printing was so neat and she knew all the numbers without any help. She was very satisfied with her efforts!
Children were busy cutting, scooping and
s e p a r a t i n g   the seeds from pumpkins.

Each child filled their own bowl with the seeds from the pumpkin they had cut open and scooped out.
This was gooey, slimy, slippery work!

Some pumpkins were small, some were flat and red, some had funny bumps and some were huge!
Once the children had scooped all the seeds they could into their bowls, they made a prediction.
How many seeds were in their pumpkin?
They came one by one to fill in a chart.
The chart had a title, 'Seed Predictions'.
The chart had 3 columns, 'Description', 'Prediction' and 'Actual'.
Miya's pumpkin was 'Big Orange Pumpkin'. She predicted 100 seeds.
Addison's pumpkin was 'FLAt PAKiN'. She also predicted 100 seeds
 Sienna was especially excited to count her pumpkin seeds. She had carved the 'ROF TOP PMPKn' and predicted 16 seeds!
Sienna counted her seeds by putting one seed in each square. She filled all 100 squares and still had 8 more. What was Sienna's actual amount?
Before he predicted and counted his own 'RAD FLaT POMPGIN'
(which he predicted to be 31 seeds),
 Isaac helped Ryan and Jun count the seeds they had scooped.
Their pumpkin was a giant one! They described it as 'JANT PKIN'
and predicted 600 seeds.
  They looked at Miya's number in the 'Actual' column first.
They were sure it had more than Miya's!
Miya had put 10 seeds in each square. She filled 5 lines of 10 squares in the 100 Grid with seeds and still had 7 leftover.
Well, the boys also put 10 seeds in each square.
They really had to practice to count by 10's.
They also filled 5 full lines but had 10 leftover.
Can you determine which pumpkin had more seeds?
Abigail decided her pumpkin looked nutty because it had light tan coloured bumps all over it. She called it 'NUTE PMPKN' and predicted 20 seeds.
She put one seed in each square and also filled all 100 squares.
She counted 19 left over.
How many seeds in all?

The actual amount of seeds were:
Big Orange Pumpkin, Miya - 507
FLAt PAKiN, Addison - 325
NUTE PMPKN, Abigail - 119
JANT PKIN, Jun & Ryan - 510
RAD FLaT POMPGIN, Isaac - 156
ROF TOP PKN, Sienna - 108
You can imagine the fun discussions we had as we gathered together and the children talked about their pumpkins and how many seeds they had predicted and counted!
We can imagine the fun discussions you will have talking about our pumpkin math!
Now the pumpkins are in the 'Decomposition Centre' under the windows in the front of the school near our side door. Check them out when you come by.
What's happening to them?
We are waiting for Riverside Library to call and tell us when
is ready for us to pick up!

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