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Friday, 28 November 2014

A Wikki Sticky Experience

What are wikki stix?
And why are they such a popular year-round activity?
This marvelous, malleable material begins as a piece of yarn.
Then it is coated with a type of wax. The same kind they use in bubble gum!
That way, the Wikki Stix stick and can move any way you choose.
The Wikki Stix stick to each other and to any surface with 
just the light press of a finger.
When you want to make a change to the picture, no problem.
Just pick up the Wikki Stix and change it!
Children collaborate and create.
Story upon story emerges as the children manipulate the Wikki Stix and 
add images, take away, change and add again.
White boards, clear sensory table lids and windows are just some of the places 
that we see Wikki Stix stories.

Can you guess the word that Jun is going to spell?

Swirls of colour give way to growing gardens of flowers.
Then, when they are ready, the children pull the Wikki Stix apart, sort them out and ready their fingers and their materials for more creating.

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