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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Our Great Outdoors

They recall those "places of initiation", in the words of naturalist Bob Pyle, where they may have first sensed with awe and wonder the largeness of the world seen and unseen.
~ Richard Louv ~

Our great outdoors...a place where memories are made.
Where the warmth of joyful memories are awakened.
Where solitude is an opportunity for discovery.
Where possibilities are as endless as the clear blue sky.
Where stories come to life.
Where we see big and notice small.
Where a good book beckons for an attentive reader.
Where shape and colour inspires creativity.
Where buildings take shape in the hands of junior architects.
Where curiosity leads to discovery and kindness is offered to the smallest of creatures.
Where seasons bring surprisingly fun gifts.
Where leaves blanket the cool ground.
Where a wild leaf rumpus...
 ...must ensue!
Where the seeds of ideas take root.
Where sketching alights the mathematical brain.
Where an inquisitive gaze is a question and a statement all at the same time.
Where shadows tell time.
Where freedom is reflected in choice, thinking and the conversations it inspires.
Where gathering happens in groups...
...and in baskets.
Where living...
...takes on deeper meaning.
Where awareness of the circle of life begins.
 Where trails are blazed.

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