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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Garden Treasures

As our rooftop garden ends it's growing season, the children gathered treasures to bring to their classroom. Memories of seed planting in peat pots, transplanting to the garden and then seeing all their plants grow and produce fruit and vegetables gives way to the talk of 'the growing cycle'.
Some of the material collected will be added to the art studio.

Some of the materials will be examined at the science and light tables.
Do you spy the lovely cabbage in the picture above?
And root vegetables in the picture below?
They're headed to the kitchen!

Baskets full of every colour and size of garden treasure.
Measuring and comparing and creating and cooking...
...and harvesting seeds for next years garden!

The science table has transformed into a rooftop garden display.
A tribute of sorts, and a reminder of all that the rooftop garden has given us this year.
We just can't wait for Spring!

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